• The Benefits Of Quitting

    Quitting smoking will result in a multitude of benefits to your health,


    lifestyle, and general wellbeing6


    It’s a known fact that the risk of life threatening illnesses such as lung cancer and heart attacks are decreased considerably when you stop smoking. Lung capacity improves, making it easier to breathe deeply and reducing coughing and wheezing. Your sense of taste and smell improve as do energy levels due to the increase in circulation. Not only does life expectancy increase, but so does the chance of leading a happier, healthier old age.


    Quitting smoking leads to an increase in blood flow in the body which results in a number of added benefits. Sensitivity improves, which along with the improved energy levels, as mentioned above, results in better sex. Fertility improves in both men and women, thereby making pregnancy or IVF treatment more successful. Stress levels also decrease as research has shown that nicotine addiction causes stress associated with withdrawal between cigarettes. And then, of course, a little more money in your wallet will always go a long way to reducing stress!

    Appearance6, 7

    Does anyone enjoy the fragrance of stale cigarette smoke as someone walks past, or the sight of yellowing teeth in what should be a bright smile? Fresher breath, whiter teeth, and less risk of gum disease will all become apparent when you quit smoking. Not to mention a decrease in the appearance of wrinkled, sallow skin due to the increase in nutrients to the skin!