• Frequently Asked Questions

    Why did I get addicted to cigarettes?

    Nicotine in tobacco smoke is delivered into the lungs and absorbed into

    the blood – reaching peaks in the blood in 10 seconds. This causes

    the brain to produce dopamine which regulates emotions and feelings

    of pleasure. In smokers, the brain comes to expect regular doses of

    nicotine and suffers withdrawal symptoms if these are not delivered –

    causing dependence.


    What is the difference between nicotine in NRT and nicotine in cigarettes?

    The nicotine contained in NRT and in tobacco is the same chemical

    compound. However NRT (NICORETTE®) supplies the body with

    therapeutic nicotine without tar, toxins and other cancer-causing

    compounds found in tobacco smoke.


    Can a smoker become addicted to NICORETTE®?

    NICORETTE® is much safer than smoking cigarettes8,9. The World

    Health Organisation endorses NRT products as “remarkably safe”

    and “rarely abused”.