Weight control

    The science behind weight gain

    It’s not so surprising that people sometimes put on weight when they stop smoking. Here are two reasons why:

    • Smoking is often associated with relaxation. When they decide to quit, some people may replace cigarettes with food to help them deal with stress.7

    • One of the best things about quitting is that your senses of taste and smell will start improving. But if you’re enjoying your food more, you may eat more than usual too!6

    Luckily, there are many ways that NICORETTE® Gum can help you wave goodbye to weight gain worries.


    How NICORETTE® Gum can help

    Of course, healthy meals and regular exercise will help you stay in control of your weight.

    NICORETTE® Gum contains controlled amounts of nicotine.

    • When used correctly, the nicotine contained in our products helps you to control the drop in metabolic rate which you may experience as part of nicotine withdrawal.

    • NICORETTE can help take the edge off the urge to smoke - this can make you feel less stressed and hence reduce the temptation to distract yourself by eating.


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