• Why your family and friends want you to quit smoking too

    Stopping smoking is a positive step for you and the people around you...

    Your partner

    Put simply, no one likes kissing someone with bad breath. And, put equally simply, smoking causes bad breath. Smoking doesn’t just make your breath smell of cigarettes, it can also lead to gum disease, another common cause of halitosis. But stopping smoking and smoker’s breath will be a thing of the past, meaning minty-fresh kisses from now on! All the money you’ll save by quitting smoking will be music to your partner’s ears, too, especially when it comes to having some extra cash for meals out and holidays together.

    Your friends

    Don’t you hate it when you’re having a nice drink with a friend, then you suddenly leap up and dash outside for a cigarette, leaving you alone in the cold and missing the fun inside? When the desire for a cigarette is so strong, it’s easy not to stop and think about what you are abandoning, but using willpower and NICORETTE® means that you won’t have to leave for that cigarette. Your friend’s will be delighted if you quit, because they care about you. And also because you’ll be around to enjoy their pleasant company!

    Work colleague

    When you’re tired, stressed and up against deadlines, it’s easy to seek comfort by sneaking out of the office for a calming cigarette break. But reports have shown that over a year, smokers can spend up to five weeks away from their desks taking what they think of as ‘quick’ breaks. Nobody wants to be thought of as shirking their workload. Ease office relations – and make your day more productive - by quitting smoking and focussing your energy on enjoying work.

    Your children

    A recent survey found that 98% of children wished their parents would stop smoking, and nearly half said their parent’s smoking made them feel ill . Another survey revealed that 29% of smokers admit their kids and family hate them smoking, and a quarter confessed that they enjoy cigarettes less because of how guilty this makes them feel. Indeed, for many people, children and family are a big reason for wanting to quit. Kids aren’t silly – they learn about the health dangers of smoking at school. And they probably worry about you a great deal. If you smoke around your children, their health could be at risk from passive smoke too. If that’s not reason enough, think of the extra treats you’ll be able to enjoy as a family with the money saved from quitting. Days out, weekend trips to the cinema, or even that dream family holiday… You’ll all reap the rewards.

    Use the budget calculator and find out how much you could save from stopping smoking.