• Smoking your way to looking older?4, 6

    Age takes its toll on everybody’s looks eventually, but research suggests a link between grey hairs and wrinkles appearing sooner for smokers. Here’s a look at how cigarettes can speed up the ageing process…


    Some quick science: with every cigarette you smoke, you breathe in 4 ,000 harmful chemicals . One of these, acetaldehyde, attacks the connective tissue holding your skin together. Or put more simply, it makes your face sag, wrinkle and age. Smoking also saps the body of vitamin C, an antioxidant which plays a crucial role in the production of collagen – a natural protein vital for keeping skin healthy and supple. Circulation can suffer as a result of smoking, too, meaning oxygen isn’t pumped around your blood vessels as well as it should be, resulting in a dull, sullen complexion. All in all, when it comes to skin, smoking is a recipe for speedy ageing! All hope is not lost though - quitting smoking will quickly improve your skin’s blood supply again. Within six weeks, your complexion should be noticeably brighter. For an extra boost, use all the money you’re saving not buying cigarettes treating yourself to a luxurious anti-aging moisturiser!


    Let’s face it, smoker’s breath isn’t known for being pleasant. But smokers have more than pungent breath to contend with… One of the first things people notice about you is your smile, so it’s important to make sure it’s a good one. But brushing and flossing to keep your grin looking fresh and young is pointless if you continue smoking. The toxic chemicals in cigarette tobacco also create sticky ‘tar’ residues all over your teeth. Smoking also reduces the amount of saliva that’s in your mouth, resulting in stained and discoloured teeth . Another effect of smoking is an increased risk of periodontitis – or gum disease - which causes inflammation around the teeth leading to swollen gums, bad breath and in severe cases may even cause teeth to fall out .

    Stopping smoking, or cutting down, is the only way to ensure things are all-white again. Why not use some of the money you’d normally spend on cigarettes on some special whitening toothpaste?


    A new hair-cut has amazing magical powers to make you feel better and younger – unless you’re a smoker, that is. As well as your skin and teeth, those toxic chemicals in cigarettes could be the cause of lacklustre locks, too . As already highlighted, smoking affects circulation which can impact your body – and looks – in so many ways. And poor circulation has another hair horror to answer for – research suggests it could lead to premature greying, too – something that’s instantly ageing . Thankfully, when you stop smoking, you should see improvements in the condition of your hair too, leaving it softer and a glossy shine could return.

    Find out how much with our budget calculator tool or use the solution finder to find a product that could suit you, whether you are cutting down or quitting smoking altogether.