• What type of replacement suits you?

    Smokers aren’t all the same – so neither are the products designed to help you quit smoking. Whether you have a 40-a-day habit or can’t resist lighting up at the pub, there’s a NICORETTE® replacement for you…

    The Heavy Smoker

    When you’re a heavy smoker the thought of trying to stop smoking can seem a bit overwhelming. But whether you want to slowly cut down your daily cigarette count or attempt to quit smoking altogether, a nicotine replacement can help you to battle your cravings. – For a controlled, on demand dosing, try NICORETTE® 4mg Gum.

    The Dieting Smoker

    Sometimes people don’t quit smoking because they’re worried they’ll put on weight. Quitting smoking won’t necessarily make you pile on the pounds, but if you are worried that you’re going to replace your regular cigarette breaks with trips to the biscuit tin, the NICORETTE® Gum is good solution.